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Review - The Fiery Heart

The Fiery Heart - Richelle Mead
I have two major complaints about this book. Zoe and Neil. Two characters introduced for the soul purpose of being annoying and boring. Although Neil did provide some new material for Adrian, Zoe just spent her entire time ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!
In fact, I think Adrian sums it up pretty well within only the first chapter...
"The newest addition to the group was Neil Raymond aka Tall, Proper, and Boring."
"Zoe had been sent recently as an apprentice and had become a huge pain in the ass for hiding our relationship."
Thats it.
Their entire roles in this story summed up in two lines.
We get Adrian's POV.
You definitely feel the love in this book. I was all warm and fuzzy inside every time Sydney and Adrian were together. Especially when Adrian was dropping lines like this...
"Relax, having kids is years away. But can you imagine? Your brains, my charm, our collective good looks... then add in the usual physical abilities dhampirs get. 

It's really not even fair to everyone else."
Let's face it... I pretty much spent the entire book in this sort of state,
On a serious note, if there's one reason for you to pick up this book after Indigo Spell it's this,
That, and Mead does manage to skilfully handle a number of issues from relationships and sex to addiction and body image.
So why only 3 stars?
I love this series. I really do, and as a whole I'd recommend these books to everyone. I just didnt find this book to be as gut wrenching and page turning must-know-how-it-ends-right-now-ish as the others. I love that Sydney and Adrian are now together, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss all that tension that the previous 3 books provided.
In conclusion, the ending was HORRIBLE if not a little predictable and as far as cliffhangers go it's all pretty dam frustrating.
I will definitely be picking up book 5 (does it even have a title yet?).