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19 yrs old. Australian. Student of the Engineering variety. I like books with words in them, if its Fantasy or YA even better. I write reviews whilst procrastinating. The quality of these reviews are debatable.

Progress - Written in Red

Written In Red - Anne Bishop

p183 / 496


Anne Bishop enjoys describing mundane things. For example....


"The heavy fabric sack had two sleeves with stiff bottoms that were sized for the insulated travel mugs, plus a zippered compartment that could hold sandwiches or containers of food. There was even a section to hold cutlery."


Why? Why are we describing a lunch bag? Why is there a section to hold cutlery? Will the cutlery be used as a weapon later? Perhaps the insulated travel mugs and zippered compartment will be of vital importance as Monty delivers the lunch?


The answer is no. But now we all know a little bit more about lunch bags in a world filled with supernatural creatures, so this has been worth while... right?