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Review - Written in Red

Written in Red - Anne Bishop
Written in Red begins with Meg Corbyn, a blood prophet, running from something through a crazy ass snow storm.

Annnnd straight into the arms of shape-shifters, vampires and other supernatural creatures whose favourite food source just so happens to be people.

I'm unsure how i feel about this one... There were times I wanted to fall into an endless sleep with the monotonous descriptions of unnecessary things.

What's that Anne?
Meg drank a coffee then ate a sandwich and then packed an extra pair of shoes in her bag and then she locked her apartment door before she walked outside and put a jacket on because it's winter AND THEN she walked to her office door and then she found her keys and then she unlocked the door and went inside AND THEN she took off her boots and put on another pair of shoes for inside the office and then she flipped the 'open' sign and settled in for work.
Let's sum things up in one sentence shall we?
Meg went to work.
That's it! That's all that needed to be said, because the only thing really integral to the story is the fact that Meg went to work. I can understand why Bishop wanted to include some things, the fact that Meg is a bit of an outsider and lacking in the skills department means that these mundane activities are quite the event for her. I get that. But I got it the first time. The continuous descriptions throughout the entire book really grated on me and slowed an otherwise exciting story down. A lot. But perhaps I'm just not used to this sort of writing style. After all this isn't YA.
Of course, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this book. I'd also be lying if i said I wouldn't be purchasing the sequel. The world building and supernatural elements were a unique take on urban fantasy. The characters grew on me and it wasn't long before I found myself itching to turn pages and find out what happens next. Although some parts were a little predictable, all in all it was a good read. Not too sappy in the love story department with the right amount of action and gruesome mauling to make things interesting.