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Review - Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits  - Katie McGarry

A copy of this book is currently available for a FREE on itunes! I saved myself some good mulla reading this baby on the tiny screen of my ipod touch... although my eyes have been doing some crazy things lately.

Pushing the Limits is an alright read. I tend to steer clear of this genre but I have managed to find a couple of really good reads in the form of Easy by Tamarra Webber and Hopeless by Colleen Hoover in the past. Sadly, Pushing the Limits just doesn't have that same spark. I wanted warm and fuzzy and all I really got was a meh. So Noah's a badass hottie with a soft side? Meh. So Echo is popular and has family issues? Meh.
Ok. So I might be downplaying these issues quite a bit, they are as much a part of the story as the love but sadly (and this is just my personal opinion) it didn't resonate with me. There are just so many BIG issues to be dealt with - bipolar disorder, drug use, bullying, body image and insecurities, foster homes and custody battles, sexual relationships - it was like the author grabbed a big jug full of emotions and poured it all over me with the hope something might seep in. I can't even say it was a light-hearted read now without seeming like a heartless bitch.
If your in between books and short on a dollar like me go read it. If not, maybe read Easy or Hopeless. I think I might even go re-read them now myself.